Transfer Your Deed

-After we recieve your Transfer Deed Form, we will determine whether Transfer Tax will be collected. Spouses, children, parents, siblings, and in-laws are transfer tax exempt.

-If owner is deceased, estate must be opened through Register of Wills office and an administrator appointed. We assist with Petition to Appoint Administrator also.

-The Deed will be prepared within 24 hours and emailed for review. Preparation of Deed requires transcribing the legal description, inserting the property parties and recital.

-Schedule notary appointment with Notary in our office or explain any notary can notarize deed.

-Once document is executed and notarized, we scan and uploaded to City Department of Records for recording

-When Deed is returned recorded, the deed copy will be sent to you at address provided.

-We email the PDF of the recorded deed and we mail the original back.

Transfer Deed Form

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