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Our staff prepares, notarizes and records deeds fast, easily, and AFFORDABLY.
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Transferring title is a hodgepodge of foreign terms and forms, which can be confusing without the proper guidance. Avoid the headache of dealing with title and let us assist you through the transfer process. Whether it’s adding or removing a name from the title, selling the property, gifting the property, creating a life estate, inheriting the property, or filing a confirmatory or corrective deed, we can help.

What Type of Deed Do You Need?

Estate Deed

Transfer of property out of the name of an owner who is deceased.


Transfer/record deed and pay transfer tax in conjunction with For Sale By Owner transactions.

Dollar Deed

Transfer or addition of property to family member/other with Right of Survivorship.

Divorce Deed

Transfer of property in relation to Property Settlement Agreement or Divorce Decree.